Commetric EOOD is an SME based in Sofia. The company was founded in 2005; the founders are Christofer Solheim, who is a serial entrepreneur and founder of four successful startups, and Dag Dyrdal, who is a former Reuters director. The executive team has been drawn from industry leading companies such as Reuters, Dow Jones, Hill & Knowlton and Cision. Currently the company employs over 65 professionals located in Sofia with sales offices in London and Dubai.The company offers a full media analysis service - planning, daily monitoring of the worldwide media and detailed performance evaluation and measurement. Commetric has developed its proprietary Natural Language Processing system and workflow process for rapid qualitative analysis of textual media. Commetric filled 5 patents for protecting its innovations for explaining and predicting the media impact to stocks and visualization of influencer's connections. Commetric's unique analysis tool is Influencer Network Analysis (INA). Driven by powerful software and guided by a multi-lingual team of analysts, INA reveals and maps the relationships between personalities, events and discussions.


Spyros Garyfallos joined Commetric when the company was founded in 2005. Today, Spyros is Commetric's Managing Director. Spyros' corporate background is mainly in the shipping and PR industries.
He holds a degree in Business Administration, a BSc in Economics and he has completed his postgraduate studies in ICT (MSc) at University of Greenwich, London.

Dr Stoyan Mihov is the author and co-author of several scientific papers on Natural Language Processing published in influential journals including Computational Linguistics (MIT Press) and Natural Language Engineering (Cambridge University Press).
Stoyan is also the co-author of a general formalism for approximate search in very large dictionaries, known as Levenshtein Automata. Stoyan holds a PhD in Computer Science from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.  

Contribution to CULTURA

Commetric EOOD is already a world leader in social network analysis and influence network analysis, currently focusing on marketing, share price dynamics and politics/media. Recently, Commetric has been focused on analyzing content coming out from the sphere of social networking like blogs, twitter, Facebook etc.

Commetric has developed a proprietary networking tool called InfluenceAnalyser. This patented system leverages sophisticated natural language analysis software and dynamic network mapping technology. It is used to discover the influencers driving a discussion; the people, companies, organizations, brands, reporters and media channels – and the issues, topics and opinions central to each. As such we can identify the heart of a conversation across a range of content and rank the most influential entities, ideas, reporters and media – the 'Gatekeepers of Influence'.