Exploration, Navigation and Retrieval of Information in Cultural Heritage
ENRICH 2013 Workshop

1 August 2013

SIGIR 2013

SIGIR 2013, Dublin, Ireland

Keynote Address

Jaap Kamps, University of Amsterdam

When search becomes research and research becomes search

We have access to unprecedented amounts of information on the Web and in now digitized collections curated by museums, archives, libraries, publishers, or other institutions.  The large-scale availability of information about our past and present offers unprecedented opportunities for researchers and other users, but also presents many complexities when combining information from different collections, from different institutions, and from different traditions of documentation.  Big data collections bringing together many sources of information will be the driving force of research in the coming years.  Modern search methods are needed to exploit the availability of massive data of relevance to almost any conceivable research question, hence new search methods become new research methods and search and research evolve in parallel.

 Jaap Kamps is a tenured faculty member at the University of Amsterdam, and leading chair of the INEX evaluation forum. He has organized workshops on Focused Retrieval (SIGIR'07 and SIGIR'08), on the Future of IR Evaluation (SIGIR'09), on the Simulation of Interaction (SIGIR'10), on Supporting Complex Tasks (SIGIR'11), and on Exploiting Semantic Annotation in IR (CIKM'10, '11, and '12). His research interests span all facets of information storage and retrieval, a common element is the combination of textual information with additional structure, such as document structure, Web-link structure, and/or contextual information, such as meta-data, anchors, tags, or clicks.